Midwest Winter Travel & Activities

Winter activities - ice fishing

Alright, I will be the first to admit: when I think of travel, I daydream of a nice warm beach somewhere.  But, there are so many other activities to appreciate (or at least try once!) during the Midwest winter.  I would much prefer the weather to be 80 degrees or even rainy everyday than to deal … Read more

Breakfast at the farm – Wisconsin

If you’ll be visiting Wisconsin during the summer I highly recommend checking out a “breakfast at the farm” event.  If you haven’t been to Wisconsin, summers are the perfect time to visit, there are so many cool activities to do. I have gone to 3 or 4 breakfast at the farm events over the past … Read more

My escape:


One of my favorite things to do to “get away” from the stresses and demands of daily life is to kayak.  There is something so peaceful & calming about being out in the middle of a lake jut floating.  Or, paddling along a river exploring the surroundings from a different perspective.  I love watching the … Read more

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