Do you keep one?

Do you keep a journal when you travel? I do, usually… That’s actually how I got the name “Sunset Scribbles” for my blog, since every evening I’d write the adventures from the day in a little journal. My handwriting is chicken scratch, aka the “Scribbles” and I’d generally reflect on the day while watching the … Read more

Don’t forget! – Must haves for group travel & beyond

We’ve traveled in many different ways: solo adventures, road trips, trips we’ve planned to the max, trips we just “wing” when we get there, and some travel group and “all-inclusive” type trips. Basically our trip type depends on what’s on sale at the time, and how much time we have/want to use for planning.  Each … Read more

Anyone else have this problem while packing?

Does anyone else get “help” packing for trips like I do?  This guy LOVES to be in the center of the action. If it weren’t for him “holding” my clothes down inside my suitcase, I can only imagine a huge gust of wind would come out of nowhere and mess it all up… ha. ha. right. … Read more

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