Do you keep one?

Do you keep a journal when you travel? I do, usually… That’s actually how I got the name “Sunset Scribbles” for my blog, since every evening I’d write the adventures from the day in a little journal. My handwriting is chicken scratch, aka the “Scribbles” and I’d generally reflect on the day while watching the … Read more

What’s in my bag? – Gold panning supplies

I love searching for treasures!  When I was young I went panning for gold while in Colorado with my family & couldn’t wait to try it again.  I finally got a chance when we were in Alaska this summer, so of course, I couldn’t wait to get some of my own gear. *Disclaimer: Do your research … Read more

Hiking supplies – backpacks

I’m going to be posting about “what’s in our bags” and let you know what we loved, or wish was different about the items.  So what better item to start with than our backpacks! These were the hiking backpacks we used for our trip to Alaska.   It was a 10 day trip with a mixture … Read more

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