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Hi everyone!  It’s been a crazy week, full of lots of (future travel) excitement & planning…. but unfortunately that means I haven’t gotten around to editing photos/writing a new post this week.  Hopefully next week I will have a new post on Grenada, though it may be slightly delayed with the holiday weekend. As always, … Read more

Santa Cruz – Galapagos Islands

Santa Cruz - Galapagos Islands

Back in 2011, we took the plunge and booked a vacation through Friendly Planet to visit the Galapagos Islands.  I’d worked with some amazing people who did research in the Galapagos, and have always been intrigued by this place that seemed so mystical and unique, but it hadn’t occurred to me that it could be a … Read more

Saved By The Max – Chicago, IL

Saved by the Max, SBTB

I’m so excited!! (cue Jessie Spano)  This past weekend I finally was able to make it to the pop-up Saved by the Bell themed restaurant, “Saved By The Max” in Chicago, Illinois.  I remember watching SBTB re-runs after school every day, and didn’t care how many times I’d seen each episode, they never got old.  Lets face it, Bayside … Read more

Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices – Springfield, IL

LINCOLN-Herndon Law Offices - Springfield, IL

Heading to Springfield?  Looking for things to do?  Here’s a look at the famous Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices located downtown. While in Springfield for a weekend last spring, we also ate at the Cozy Dog Drive in on Route 66, Caught a Drive in Movie (actually 2!) at the theater on Route 66, toured the Dana-Thomas House, checked out … Read more

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