Singapore – Day 2

After our 1st day of adventures in Singapore, we were feeling a little more rested.  We spent the night at the Village hotel in Changi, which has an awesome Hawker Centre that is about a 2 minute walk away.  (Also check out: 30 hours in Bintan, Indonesia,   and Day 6)

Day 2 – Singapore

Singapore - carrot cakeChangi Village Hawker Centre – (~2 minute walk from the Village Hotel Changi)  We spotted a stand with a longer line that made one thing: carrot cake, so of course we had to give it a try!  It was delicious.


  • Don’t be surprised though, this carrot cake is more of a savory meal than the sweeter baked good that some may associate with the name.



Changi Point Coastal Walk – (~1-2 minute walk from the Changi Village Hawker Centre, and ~1-2 minute walk from the Village Hotel Changi)

  • This is a very nice boardwalk along the beachfront that is a quiet escape from the city.  We really enjoyed watching the wildlife on the beach (from the boardwalk), and even spotted a couple monitor lizards basking in the sun.  Someone was clearing the area of leaves though… and as the leaf blower came closer to one of the lizards, he RAN towards us!  Gave us a bit of a scare for a second there.

Singapore - Changi Point Coastal Walk           Singapore - Monitor lizard

After a leisure morning, we decided to take an Uber to check out the River Safari:

River Safari

  • **NOTE: when purchasing tickets for the Zoo, Night Safari, Bird Park, and/or River Safari they were running special sales.  The more of the parks you visited, the better the discount.  Not knowing if we’d be “animaled out” we bought the smaller package they offered (2 or 3 of the parks at a discount?).  Looking back on it, it would have been worth buying the largest package, and even if we hadn’t gone to all the parks, it still was a pretty good deal.  Since we were in Singapore for several days, we did end up visiting ALL of the parks, so we paid more than we would have had to, but it’s alright.  It was fun & still worth the price we paid!**


    • The River Safari had a complementary “River Cruise”.  If you’re in a time crunch, I’d suggest skipping this, especially if the lines are long.  Although it was nice sitting down on a shaded boat, it was a relatively quick loop and we didn’t see too much.  There is an audio guide playing in the background which is interesting if you have time.

Singapore - Amazon River Quest - River Safari

    • The “Amazon River Quest” which at the time was an additional S$5 per person.  I thought this was pretty fun, and worth checking out.  The lines weren’t too long.  It’s kind of like a (very) mild log boat ride.  You ride through the “river” and there’s commentary and lots of animals to see.  We sat in the back and only got splashed a little bit.

After the River Safari, we took a little time to chill back at the hotel, and then made our way to Sentosa for the “Wings of Time” light show.



Sentosa Island!

Singapore - Sentosa sign & merlion

  • Getting to Sentosa: we took the Cable Cars.  Our trip to Sentosa was during the daylight, and our trip back it was dark.  We LOVED the Cable Cars.  Worth the price for sure, getting the gorgeous views of the city, especially seeing both day and night.

Singapore - Sentosa Cable Cars



We spent some time wandering around in Sentosa to see what we could do for a short amount of time.  We only had about 2 hours before the lightshow started.  There were a lot of cool things to see/do in Sentosa, we actually debated about going back another day to check out more.  Although I enjoyed our 1/2 day in Sentosa, I’d suggest making a full day visit if you have the time.




4D Adventure Land – This was a fun attraction.

  • The first part was a 4D video in a theater – Journey-2: The mysterious island.  There was “wind” and splashes of water, and the chairs moved, cool story too.
  • After this, we went onto the next part of the adventure: the Extreme log ride. It’s about a 10 minute ride with simulation similar to going on a roller coaster for part of it.  You are seat belted into a cart(?) that seats multiple people.  Once everyone is secure, the show can start, and the cart raises, drops, and moves at different angles coordinating with the show.
  • Finally, Desperados was the last of the adventures.  This one was interactive, and probably my favorite (even though I wasn’t very good at it!)  For this ride, each person sits on their own saddle and is a cowboy/girl.  You see bad guys up on the screen and have to shoot at them, all while your saddle is moving like a horse would.  At the end, they show your scores on the screen (and pictures!! haha)

Wings of Light Show

Singapore - Sentosa light show

  • This was a really cool light show, and I’d highly recommend checking it out!  We paid a couple dollars extra for “better seats” which was really just the back 4 or so rows of the seating area.  I don’t think those seats were really that much better, and otherwise the seating is first come first served.  I’d probably get regular seats but sit towards the back of that section if we were to do it again.



Check back next week for more adventures from our Singapore trip!


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