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Packing light – Travel tip & total game changer!

My husband & I are pretty frugal when it comes to travel, and don’t want to pay more than we have to if possible.  So lately to save money, we’ve been trying to pack carry-on only when we fly; the charges per checked bag can add up quickly!

One way to save a little space while packing is to “stuff” your own travel neck pillow with clothing, instead of using the pillow insert it comes with.

If you already travel with a neck pillow, then this is a game changer, and will clear up some space in your bag.  If you haven’t traveled with a neck pillow… or are worried about looking weird, the comfort is so worth it in my opinion!


Travel packing hack

Want to give it a try too?  Tons of travel neck pillows have pillow cases with zippers (you know, so that you can wash them sometimes).  If you already have a neck pillow that has a zippered case, awesome!  Just take the pillow out, and you’re good to go with replacing it with t-shirts (or whatever clothing you have that’s soft)

I personally love sewing (check out my other blog: Stitch Sense if you love sewing, crafty, & handmade things) so I decided to try to whip up my own travel neck pillow case out of some super soft minky fabric.  I just used scrap fabric, and a clearance invisible zipper to make my own pillow case.  I also added a couple of loops, so that it can be secured onto a bag or suitcase while walking through the airport.

These little pillows don’t seem like they can hold too much (and obviously it depends on the season, and size of the clothing) but I was super impressed, that my little travel pillow can hold TWO OUTFITS, AND A SCARF!!  I have 2 tank tops, 1 pair of gym shorts, a roughly knee-length skirt, AND a big scarf inside my travel pillow.

Sure the actual pillow material is probably a little more comfortable, but if you’re looking to save some room in your bag, it may be worth a try!

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