The Field Museum – Chicago, IL

During our mini road trip to Chicago last weekend, we finally got to The Field Museum.  On our last attempt to visit the museum, we didn’t realize there was a Bear’s game that day and couldn’t find parking.  This visit was awesome since we were able to park at Soldier Field, which is right across the street … Read more

Saved By The Max – Chicago, IL

Saved by the Max, SBTB

I’m so excited!! (cue Jessie Spano)  This past weekend I finally was able to make it to the pop-up Saved by the Bell themed restaurant, “Saved By The Max” in Chicago, Illinois.  I remember watching SBTB re-runs after school every day, and didn’t care how many times I’d seen each episode, they never got old.  Lets face it, Bayside … Read more

Costa Rica – “Jungle River Cruise”

Costa Rica - Jungle River Cruise

Here’s a little TBT post for this chilly day.  I’m sitting bundled up, and daydreaming of warm weather (you know, the usual for me in the winter…). In 2010, my husband and I went on a trip to Costa Rica.  He planned the trip, and thought we’d be spending all our time on the beach … Read more

Mel-O-Cream Donuts – Springfield, IL

I woke up this morning with a major craving for donuts… and since I’m in the process of planning another mini road trip to Illinois, it got me thinking of the delicious donuts at Mel-O-Cream donuts in Springfield, IL. We were in Springfield last April exploring several of the Lincoln tourist sights (check out my other … Read more

Midwest Winter Travel & Activities

Winter activities - ice fishing

Alright, I will be the first to admit: when I think of travel, I daydream of a nice warm beach somewhere.  But, there are so many other activities to appreciate (or at least try once!) during the Midwest winter.  I would much prefer the weather to be 80 degrees or even rainy everyday than to deal … Read more

Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices – Springfield, IL

LINCOLN-Herndon Law Offices - Springfield, IL

Heading to Springfield?  Looking for things to do?  Here’s a look at the famous Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices located downtown. While in Springfield for a weekend last spring, we also ate at the Cozy Dog Drive in on Route 66, Caught a Drive in Movie (actually 2!) at the theater on Route 66, toured the Dana-Thomas House, checked out … Read more

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