Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices – Springfield, IL

LINCOLN-Herndon Law Offices - Springfield, IL

Heading to Springfield?  Looking for things to do?  Here’s a look at the famous Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices located downtown.

While in Springfield for a weekend last spring, we also ate at the Cozy Dog Drive in on Route 66, Caught a Drive in Movie (actually 2!) at the theater on Route 66, toured the Dana-Thomas House, checked out the impressive Abraham Lincoln Museum, saw the display of movie props from the Lincoln movie, and ate at the famous Charlie Parker’s!

Now, back to the Law office.  We stayed at the Wyndham hotel downtown (last minute deal, turned out to be great!), and could see the Law offices in the distance from our room.  It was a nice short walk to the offices and Old State Capital from the hotel.  Parking was a little tricky downtown when we did venture out with the car, but it was do-able, though we weren’t there during prime tourist time.

LINCOLN-Herndon Law Offices - Springfield, IL

The Lincoln-Herndon Law offices face the Old State Capital.

LINCOLN-Herndon Law Offices - Springfield, IL

There were statues, and plaques about Lincoln in the pathway between the Law offices and the Old Capital.

LINCOLN-Herndon Law Offices - Springfield, IL

LINCOLN-Herndon Law Offices - Springfield, IL

LINCOLN-Herndon Law Offices - Springfield, IL


This was a nice spot to check out when you’re looking for something quick.  We probably spent about 20 minutes looking at the signs, and walking around.

Although we fit a lot of things into our weekend in Springfield, there are still plenty of things I’d like to go back and see/do!  It was a great place to spend a weekend.

Schnitzel Haus – St. George’s, Grenada – A MUST VISIT!

As you may already know, one of my absolute favorite places in the world is Grenada.  There truly is something for everyone there.  If you’re into exploring, there are adventures waiting around every corner.  If you’re looking for a low key place to relax, there are too many gorgeous beaches to name.  Whatever your vacation style: lots of activities, or nothing on the agenda… everyone’s gotta eat.  So why not check out the amazing restaurant: Schnitzel Haus!  To me, this is a MUST VISIT.  It is more than just a delicious restaurant, it’s a whole dining experience.

Here’s a view from St. George’s of the Carenage, which is across the street from the restaurant.

Carenage - St. George's, Grenada Carenage - St. George's, Grenada

We had a large group reservation and had the whole restaurant to ourselves one night.  We parked across the street and got the sweetest greeting from the owners!  You know it’s going to be a fun night when there is such a warm welcome.  They’re so nice! :)

Views from inside are so pretty.

While dinner was being prepared, we were able to walk about the restaurant, and spent a lot of time out on the balcony.

Carenage - St. George's, Grenada

I believe this is the Weiner Schnitzel (I’ve also had the Jager Schnitzel)  The food is incredible.

Evening views of the Carenage, the photos don’t do it justice.

Carenage - St. George's, Grenada

So, here’s the scoop:

If you’re planning on going to Schnitzel Haus during your visit:

  1. Call ahead for hours of operation, and reservations
  2. BRING CASH!  (credit cards are not accepted)
  3. Don’t be in a rush – dining will likely take several hours – The food is made fresh, and it’s an experience to be enjoyed!
  4. Save room (or make room) for drinks and/or dessert – (I love the Honey Beer, and Apple Strudel!)
  5. Be prepared for delicious food, and a memorable time!
  6. If you don’t have a car, or don’t want to take a taxi, this is right along the bus route too!

Think warm thoughts!

We’ve been so lucky in the Midwest this year for having a fairly mild fall.  Well yesterday was the first snap of reality that it is in fact the end of November, and winter is almost here.  Today followed suit as well.  Yuck.

I’ve been tied up with work/school lately which has kept me from blogging for awhile, but hopefully that should lighten up soon!

I did get around to ordering some photo books I’d made awhile back from our adventures in Japan, and South Africa. is a link if you’d like to give Picaboo a try for your future photo albums, I’ve made almost all of our travel books on this site and love it.  They have great sales on books too.

Today I’ll be thinking warm thoughts and trying to live in denial about the weather outside!  Here’s a photo from Destin, Florida awhile back, to channel the warmth

Beach - Destin, FL

Cozy Dog Drive In – Springfield, IL – Route 66

While taking a mini road trip along part of Route 66 in Illinois, I knew we had to check out Cozy Dog Drive In!  It was pretty close to all of the Lincoln & other big Springfield tourist sites.  We got there when it wasn’t too busy and then there was a huge rush of people, so the restaurant ended up being pretty packed when we left.  We ordered a combo/family meal with Cozy Dogs and French fries, and also bought a bottle of Route 66 flavored soda.


The food came out quickly and was delicious.  The batter/breading on the Cozy Dogs is way better than other corn dogs I’ve had.  They had a nice selection of condiments, and tons of fun Route 66 memorabilia to look at around the restaurant.  Nice quick place to eat and fun spot to check out!

Route 66

Until next time, Route 66!

Chicago adventures!

This past weekend we took a road trip to Chicago!  We got in late Friday night but did make it to an Italian restaurant (wish I could remember the name right now)  We were the only ones there, and the food was delicious.  Saturday morning we were planning on going to the Field Museum and made our way downtown around noon.

Well after circling the streets around the museums for about 20 minutes and being redirected due to all the parking lots being full… we decided that it wasn’t our day to go to the museum.  We weren’t thinking about the fact that there was a Bear’s game that afternoon and Soldier Field is right by all the museums!  We’ll have to make another weekend trip sometime.

Our main reason for heading to Chicago was for the Luke Bryan concert which was at Wrigley Field that evening.  Not wanting to drive back to our hotel after the museum plan was a bust, we decided to make sure we got parking for the concert and went there early.  Like wayyyyyy early.  We figured there’d be stuff to do to kill time before the concert.  We wandered around, stopped for food, got some drinks, and did some shopping.  Then we went and hung out around Wrigley waiting for the gates to open.  While we were waiting, we came across the most amazing Lemonade stand ever.  A young girl had a super sweet set up right outside of Wrigley, and had lemonade and cookies.  She was running the stand and her Dad was there helping out, very impressive.  If you’re in the area, keep your eyes open for Tatum’s Ice Cold Lemonade!

The concert was great, and we were lucky to not be parked in when we left.

Sunday we decided to check out Willis Tower.  The lines for the tower were a bit like Disney World… right when you think you’re getting close to the front, you turn a corner and the line is so much longer than you thought!  Overall it moved fairly quickly though.  We originally debated about buying a “fast pass” but I’m glad we stuck it out in the regular line instead.    They had a nice video about the history of the building and when it was “Sears Tower” before taking the elevator to the top.  The elevator takes 61 seconds to get to the 103rd floor.  It’s true, we timed it haha.  Well our watch was 63 seconds… but that could be a slow reflex to push stop :)

Here’s a view from the skydeck.  There were pretty long lines for the skydecks (I think there are 4 of them).  One line had someone taking your picture, which we considered since the camera is up super high and they get some pretty great shots.  But we did one of the regular lines and had our new buddies from Nebraska take some pictures of us.  After posed pictures we looked around a little and then moved on to other views.

Willis Tower skydeck - Chicago


Did you know that you can see FOUR states from the top of Willis Tower?!  Crazy.

I was sad a couple of months ago that I missed out on the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 30th Anniversary events in Chicago a couple of months ago.  So, when I saw the opportunity to stand where “Ferris” did for a photo-op, you can imagine my excitement lol.


Willis Tower - Chicago

After the Willis Tower, we went for Chicago Style deep-dish pizza at Giordano’s which was just down the street.  The wait time for a classic deep-dish was 45minutes-ish which the menu says (& the waitress kindly mentioned as well) and it was well worth the wait!  Delicious, and great way to end a day in Chicago.  I definitely left with many more adventures dancing around in my head for the future…. Until next time Chicago!


Maine has always been high on my U.S. bucket list.  It looks so gorgeous, and I love nautical adventures, lobster, whales, and nature.  After starting my research/planning for a potential trip next year I am having a hard time narrowing down what to do!

The New England states have such cool history and so many awesome sights to see that I originally wanted to do a road trip from New York to Maine (and back) and hit the main tourist stops along the way in each state.  After all the states are smaller than out west… so this should be doable, right?  Then I actually sat down and realized we’d likely only have a week, and there are SO MANY cool things to do.  So instead of trying to fit too much into the week, I’m looking more at focusing on coastal Maine tourism for this trip.

Right now I’m looking at whale calls, lighthouses, and possibly a lobster boat tour?  Definitely will want to try fresh seafood and lobster out at restaurants too.  I’m also tinkering with the idea of camping… though I’m not sure that everyone in our group would want to :)

Anyone have “must visit” places in Maine?  What have your experiences been?





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